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DEKA MARBLE is a water-based marbling color for fabrics, paper or other absorbent materials.


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DEKA MARBLE is a water-based marbling color for fabrics, paper or other absorbent materials. Rough surface is more suitable to be marbled. Prepare 10 g of powder medium in 2 lt of cold water and mix vigorously. The marbling base prepared must rest for about half an hour in order to make the air bubbles disappear. Once ready, pour the mixture into a 2-3 cm high container. In case air bubbles form while pouring, you need to pop them with a pin.

Shake the colors well and use a toothpick or a pipette to dose them in drops on the surface of the mixture. With the toothpick move the colors in order to obtain variegated effects. Carefully place the object to be marbled on the compound. Fabrics must be wrinkle-free. Lift the object and remove the gelatinous base by washing carefully in cold water. The fabric must be hung to dry. Fix by ironing on the back for three minutes.

Use the same process with paper and wood and simply leave to dry.

Remove the remaining color in the Medium compound with newsprint or an old rag to be reused for later marbling.

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